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codecov report missing commits
I'm seeing an issue where coverage is incorrect (showing no changes at all), and in looking at the report it's missing most of the PR's commits. As of this writing, there are 12 commits on the PR in question, with the last one being a1e40cba4e967d59289b9c2e35602ff212b5c9e9 , see: And when I look at the report: I only see 3 commits (one from 2 months ago, and two others from ~an hour before writing this). All the uploads are working fine, this seems to be some issue with the service reading commits from the PR. I rebased and force-pushed the PR branch today, but it's not even showing all the commits I added since then, it's kind of random. --- It's also concerning that despite 3 of the commits showing up, the report shows 0 files changed which is very clearly incorrect. --- UPDATE: I've noticed that the 3 commits showing up are not random, they are the only ones that succeeded in CI and thus uploaded reports, so I guess that's not the issue causing the wrong coverage. Instead I've found that the base commit being compared to shows "processing" in codecov despite having successful uploads over 24 hours ago: There doesn't seem to be any way to "kick" it and tell it to retry processing.. I'm re-running CI for that commit and hopefully it fixes it, but it's concerning that this could happen and it ruins coverage silently for every PR on the project. --- Ok, so re-running for the BASE commit made the processing status go away, but the PR view, even after also re-uploading reports, is still showing 0 files changed, so I really don't understand what's going here but it's quite wrong.
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